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Friday, August 29, 2008

IFL Release on Sarah Palin...

Thought I'd share. Had a piece on NRO earlier this week (they'd asked me to lay out the arguments in favor of my friend Michael Steele, which I did, despite knowing he wouldn't be the nominee), but this is what we sent on on Governor Palin. It's gotten a fair amount of play - picked up on Politicker, and I'm doing a number of radio shows from here and when I get to Minneapolis this weekend. Lars Larson today (in 10 minutes or so) and Mancow on Monday, for instance. At least I think it's Monday. I'll double check.

Anyhow - Governor Palin...

Palin The Right Choice

Advocacy Group Touts Record on Reform and Small Business

Washington, DC—A national small business advocacy group applauded Sen. John McCain’s selection of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to be his running mate.

“John McCain needed an outside-the-box choice to really up the ante in this presidential campaign season. Sarah Palin is that, and more,” said Andrew Langer, President of the Institute for Liberty. “She’s got an exceptional record of support for small business, and has worked hard to shake up the corrupt elements preying on Alaska’s state government. When it comes to making choices this fall, the American people are going to be looking at what the candidates have actually done in their public service careers, not the empty rhetoric of campaign promises.”

According to surveys conducted by a wide variety of small business organizations, energy, health care, taxes, and regulation rank as the most serious problems facing small business today. In reviewing the proposals laid out by the Obama campaign, IFL sees them as coming up short, containing no workable ideas for reducing energy costs in the short term, no ideas for reducing health care costs without significantly increasing taxes and forcing small business into a government plan, and absolutely nothing on the regulatory front. Regulations cost the American economy more than a trillion dollars annually—translating into a nearly $8,000 per employee, per year cost for America’s smallest businesses.

“The Democrats have paid lip service to the issues of small business and government reform in the past,” Langer continued. “Both John McCain and Sarah Palin have focused squarely on the issues of ethics in government service, producing real results while Democrats throughout the nation have ignored ethical problems in their own camp. Jack Abramoff went to jail because of John McCain’s dogged efforts, while the Democrats have allowed William Jefferson to remain in Congress. Sarah Palin fits the mold of someone who shares John McCain’s values, and her policy positions fit solidly within those of the Republican base.”

IFL Senior Vice President for Policy Kerri Houston added to Langer’s enthusiasm, saying “The choice of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin throws McCain right over the goal line. She is the whole package—a solid yet gentle, gun defending, tax cutting, pro energy, pro life Mom with a solid supportive husband, and a son in the Army. Democrat and Independent women will crossover, Catholics who can't bear the double pro-choice democrat ticket with crossover; and evangelicals show up. Palin's pick changes everything. Obama did his thing in the Pepsi Arena—Palin is the real thing.”

The Institute for Liberty is a non-profit organization based in Washington, DC. It studies the impact of federal executive branch policies on small business and entrepreneurship. Andrew Langer is currently writing a book on these issues. Its title is, “The War on Small Business.”