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Saturday, June 30, 2007

It's Been A Very Long Time...

Wow. The Liberty Blog's 2-year-anniversary came and went, and yes, I know it's been three months since I've updated.

Here's the deal. Many of you know that for the first five months of the year, my wife was deployed overseas. That meant that I was here, single-dadding if for my kids.

As you can imagine, my time was at a premium. With a full-time job to contend with (they were great about it), plus my associated activities, it left precious little time for me to work on the blog.

Why didn't I bring this up earlier? Well, for a whole host of reasons, not the least of which was operational security. I simply didn't want to mention, even obliquely, that my wife was away.
I felt it was simply better to leave things be, and explain later on.

In the interim, a lot has happened, and I'll bring you up to speed:

1) I got promoted at work. I'm not going to say much, but suffice it to say, they're very happy with me;

2) I'm now on the Queen Anne's County Republican Central Committee. For my fans who kept score regarding the election last summer, this means that I ultimately prevailed. Here's what happened -after the initial candidates' forum last summer, and seeing the various factions involved in the election, I decided to sharply curtail my campaign activities.

Even doing very little with regards to campaigning, I managed to get 300+ votes.

I then decided to throw myself into doing the hard work of party-building anyway. I was asked to serve as Treasurer of the Republican Club, and attended all of the Central Committee meetings anyway, offering my comments when appropriate, and volunteering to assist in a myriad of ways.

When two spots opened up on the Central Committee, I applied. Due to my background and demonstrated hard-work, I was asked to serve.

3) I was nominated, and appointed, to the Board of Governors of the American Biofuels Council. This is an opportunity that came up this past spring, and I jumped for it. I've become very interested in the biofuels debate, and again given my background, experience, and expertise, felt that I have something to add to this group. Essentially, my purpose in joining is to focus the attention of the biofuels community away from biofuels derived from foodstuffs, and towards biofuels derived either from waste materials, or, more importantly (and of greater interest to me) towards biofuels derived from algae. Great strides are being made in the realms of both algae-based ethanols and algae-based bio-diesels.

That pretty much sums it up. My wife's back, safely and soundly. My kids and I survived the five-months. In fact, it was a wonderful way for me to get even closer to my kiddos.

I do apologize, as always, for the absence. And I'll be honest - I'm not sure how frequently I'm going to be updating the blog from here on out. I've got one post for the pre-4th of July festivities that I'm going to do, but my time is at an even greater premium now.

But I do know that you understand.

- Andrew Langer