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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Merry New Year!

So, when last we left things, I was commenting on Paul Feiner's race to be Greenburgh Town Supervisor once again - specifically, the typos in his campaign literature. Mr. Feiner's been back in the news recently, and I'm going to dedicate a specific post to that (the fact that Greenburgh has the 3rd highest property tax rates in the nation is worthy of comment by itself. Mr. Feiner's response to the problem of retirees with huge tax bills makes it an imperative.)

But I thought it was important to give a brief update. I was at a wedding this weekend, and was taken to task by a number of friends who have been disappointed with me for not updating my blog more regularly. I explained why, but promised to do what I can to be more regular about it.

In any case, before I start talking about what's going on, I want to wish all my readers the Happiest of New Years, the Merriest of Christmases, The most hallowed of Hannukkahs, the Koolest of Kwanzaas, and the fabulousest of Festivuses.

And now, the update:

1) I was up on the Hill again, submitting testimony. I can't go into direct details, but more can be found here:

The testimony itself can be found here:

And here's a pic....
In other news... well, well let another picture speak first:
Many of you know that I've been on board with Mayor Giuliani's campaign for quite sometime (nearly 18 months). As a native New Yorker, it seemed like a natural fit, and I've been a fan of the Mayor's since he spoke at Fieldston many years ago. I think he represents the best chance of victory for the GOP in November of 2008, as he's one of very few candidates who can cut across party lines and make the GOP race for the White House a national one again. He makes the Democrats fight in places they haven't had to fight for in just sometime.

I've been advising the campaign, raising money, wrangling bodies. It's been a tremendous amount of fun, and I've been eager for the primary season to really kick into high gear.

More on all that as it develops.

I'm also working with my good friend, State Sen. EJ Pipkin, with his primary race in Maryland's 1st CD. His information can be found here:

Well, my plane's about to leave, so I'll stop here.

I want to wish all of you a wonderful 2008!

- Andrew Langer