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Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Logo, New Website, New Political Gig.

Things have been going fairly crazy for me on this end. I've been doing lots of press for IFL (on tankers, gas prices, small business and the election), I'm giving a speech at a hearing on the DC Taxicab Meter issue tomorrow. And I've got three political projects, one of which I'm going to talk about tonight.

But first - IFL has a new logo:

Lots of discussion on this - and the general concensus was that this worked. Thanks to Saban designs. They did excellent, fast, and eminently reasonable work.

Item the 2nd:

IFL's new website is up. I now have a working understanding of HTML as a result. It continues to be a work in progress, but I think it is a substantial step in the direction Kerri and I want to take the organization. Website is still at the same address:

Item the 3rd:
Last Saturday, I was asked by the McCain campaign to be their Eastern Shore Regional Director. Yes, I know you're all as stunned as I was. I am honored, and when the campaign for your party's standard-bearer's calls for your help, you have to say yes. Plus, I've gotten to know the Maryland State Director rather well in recent months, as well as a number of the county directors.

So I accepted. This is a damned important election - and the other major election out here on the shore is important as well. I see this as an opportunity to help State Senator Andy Harris win his election, too.

That's about it. Lots going on!

- Andrew Langer