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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Big News, Big Pick-Up...

First, the pick-up...

I ran into Holly Robichaud, political consultant and commentator for the Boston Herald, in DC on Wednesday. I met Holly a few months back, and we've traded ideas a few times. I happened to share with her some of the work we've been doing at IFL, and she blogged about it on her "Lone Republican" blog for the Boston Herald:

Excerpt: "I have been in Washington the past three days meeting with people regarding the 2008 elections. I had the opportunity to visit with the President of a new organization called the Institute for Liberty. They focus on policies that impact small business and entrepreneurship. ...I wish them the best of luck in enlightening the American public to these government burdens and getting some Congressional action on cutting needless regulations and paperwork."

Thank you, Holly! Really appreciate the note of encouragement!

But the big news?

Coming on the heels of my recent writings on the importance of the electoral college in the American system of government, I got a number of questions on how electors themselves are selected... and I didn't have ready answers. Well, now I do. Why?


Yesterday, I was elected by the Republicans of Maryland's 1st Congressional District to be one of Maryland's 10 Republican Electors in the upcoming presidential election this fall! I am amazed, and humbled, and tremendously honored that they've placed this trust in me.

It was a really exciting process - we gathered into our separate congressional district delegations at the Maryland Republican Convention, and I ran against three others. Each of us had to give an impromptu stump speech, and then there was immediate voting.

So, I might be able to actually truly cast a direct ballot for the President this fall!

Thanks to all who voted for me!

- Andrew Langer


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Props... PTB

May 13, 2008 12:19 AM


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