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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Calling All Eminint Domain Warriors!!!!

A last post before I go on my trip. Incidentally, it really hasn't sunk in that 24 hours from now, I'll be in Africa. With any luck, this will help me fall asleep while I'm on the plane.

Anyhow, got an e-mail from the folks at the Institute for Justice and their Castle Coalition. They're engaging in a membership drive. I'll post the text of the e-mail in its entirety - what I hope is that you'll sign up (and yes, put my name in the "additional comments" section - I'd love to get a t-shirt!).

We're at a critical stage when it comes to fighting this issue. As those of you who are more politically-aware know, it takes a while for hot-button political issues to turn from theory into legislation. This can be a good thing, in that it allows for well-crafted legislation to be enacted (it's bad to enact legislation in the midst of a perceived crisis).

But the down-side is, by the time the hot-button issue gets to the point where the legislation is being considered, the momentum to have it enacted has largely been lost.

That's where we are right now - lots of states considering serious eminent domain reform, and a lot of legislators asking where the proponents are.

Thus, the following message:


The Castle Coalition is currently holding a membership drive. By increasing our membership, we will be able to activate, motivate and train greater numbers nationwide to take legislative and grassroots action against eminent domain abuse. But we need your help!

For every 20 new members you recruit to sign-up for the Castle Coalition, you'll receive an official Castle Coalition t-shirt. If you would like to participate, reply to this e-mail and we'll send you sign-up sheets, brochures and stickers. Take these to your next coalition meeting or community get-together. Canvas your neighborhood. Ask your friends, relatives and co-workers to join. Share with them how eminent domain abuse has affected you, and why it’s important to take action against this growing abuse of power. Let them know that membership is free, and we will keep them posted on legislative and grassroots efforts, events and conferences in their state. When you’re done, mail the sign-up sheets back to us in the enclosed stamped envelope.

You can also forward this message to your friends and ask them to sign-up on-line at Under "additional comments," ask them to enter your name. We'll keep a tally of your new on-line recruits as well.

With your help, we’ll be able to stop tax-hungry governments and land-hungry developers from seizing private property for their own private purposes. And more members for us means more help for you, both for activism and legislative efforts. And together, we can look forward to a day when once again, every man’s home is his castle.

Thank you for your continued efforts in the fight against eminent domain abuse!

So, I hope you'll heed their call. Canvass, e-mail, volunteer. This is a fight for the most basic and fundamental of our individual rights, our property rights.

- Andrew Langer


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