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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Why No Morale Tours?

I can’t remember what it was I was listening to, but something caught my ear in the car as I was driving during the holidays. It was yet another story about the situation in Iraq, with the media painting as much doom and gloom as possible and someone from the Defense Department trying desperately to inject some semblance of accuracy and hope by offering a picture of all that we are doing that is good.

Ah, yes – it was the story about former military personnel, bloggers and authors, who have been asked to come overseas and see for themselves the positive changes that are happening.

And then it occurred to me, that, in addition to the skewed perception of casualty and mortality statistics, something else has changed substantially with regards to how the public views, processes, and comes to its conclusions about this nation’s warfaring: little personal stumping.

It used to be that as a way for the military to boost morale on the home front, it would put its best face forward here at home. The crew of the Memphis Belle, for instance, was promised a cushy stint touring the United States once they completed their required bombing assignments over Europe, in a reward for exceptional service rendered. Even as unpopular as Vietnam was, the Department of Defense would ship soliders, sailors, marines and airmen around the country to do public relations.

As the President has attempted to go on the offensive here at home regarding this war, and making headway I might add, this is another tool at his disposal that he ought to use. The Pentagon should step up now and recruit a cadre – better yet, two cadres. The first of articulate and intelligent military members of all ranks, likeable people who can connect with others, who can explain why we are in Iraq, what we are doing, how we are succeeding, on a variety of intellectual levels.

For instance, nobody to my knowledge has yet to simply put in front of a group a map of the Middle East and point out the fact that we have created a line of neutralization… wait, see the map below, and I’ll illustrate….

As you can see from the map, the shaded nations are nations that are either allied with the United States, or have American troops actively stationed there. We now surround both Iran and Syria (and honestly, I have long been much more concerned about Syria than I have been with Iran).

Anyhow, nobody has made that case to the American people.

But someone needs to be able to answer American’s questions, have them understand just who is overseas making sacrifices for them, just what those sacrifices are, and what we are achieving and have already achieved.

The second cadre would be one of Iraqis themselves. People who were oppressed before the US stepped in and removed a brutal Stalinist thug from power, who bask in the warm light of freedom today.

Civic groups are always clamoring for speakers. Jaycees, rotary clubs, local chambers, etc. Ditto high schools.

If the President really wants to take his message to the people, then he ought to do it with the most effective messengers out there: articulate, likeable soldiers and Iraqis. Those who have been there, seen things firsthand, and can tell the compelling stories that need to be told.

- Andrew Langer


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Charles Schwab:Does NSA Serve SRA International's 'Cookies' ?
by Tony Ryals
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29 Dec 2005
Charles Schwab:Does NSA Serve SRA International's 'Cookies' ?

For those who have been following: I have posted two articles-stories-complaints on the indymedias recently about my experiences with the supposed anti-money laundering corporation, or 'AML' ,Mantas Inc., recently, whose links you will find at the bottom of this post.They, like their founders SRA International, are conveniently located in the Beltway to be near their clients at Big Brother Inc., no doubt. Immediately below is a promotion from the SRA International website itself bragging about 'picking' the probably criminal and certainly corrupt brain of an NSA 'bigwig'. SRA International and Mantas Inc.brag about detecting the 'bad guys' through use of 'behavior' software.

And yet who is watching their behaviors ? Rumor is that Barry Landrew, CEO of SRA International that has obtained monopolistic contracts with various government agencies,(including our fraud watchers at the GAO!!),probably due to the fact of the CIA's In-Q-Tel investments in SRA International,is himself addicted to gambling like that Republican pillar of 'virtues', Bill Bennett.(Do google search ,'sra international Barry Landew gambling')

What I suggest and hope is that as many people as possible contact their congress people and demand an investigation not only of NSA's spying on the public but of their software people SRA International and also into their 'spinoff', Mantas Inc,.who,as I have explained previously in various indymedia articles,allowed the illegal 'pump and dump' .of Texas' fraudulent biotech company, Endovasc, to be orchestrated and covered up through a Charles Schwab account.(see link Charles Schwab Share-Money laundering below.)

Also demand that that the SEC or Securities Exchange Commission investigate SRA International's and Mantas Inc.'s possible connection to or involvement with Bellador Group, , of Kuala Lumpur and Dubai, and why it recommended both Endovasc and SRA International stock shares to its suspect clients.

The fact that Bellador Inc. has been allowed to pump and dump SRI International shares and many UNAUDITED AND UNREGISTERED U.S. penny stock shares,both onshore,and offshore in terrorist suspect money laundering regions,is proof certain CIA , Mantas Inc. and SRI International employees and mangement are aiding and abetting the terrorists they warn us about.

The fact that shares of SRA International are dumped even more easily on the international market because Bellador and SRA Inernational management and CIA can claim they have guaranteed income from our on government is scandalous beyond all belief.SRA International shares may have been used for money laundering in terrorist suspect money laundering centers as well.So we can only conclude that the GAO who has given tens of millions of dollars to these people not only has rewarded them for spying on us but has inadvertently been used as a prop in the promotion of shares that Mr.Landrew,the CIA's In-Q-Tel and Bellador Group Inc. of Kuala lumper have used to con others to buy shares as they dump and pocket the cash !!!

The rumor that SRA International's Barry Landrew may be addicted to gambling and have accumulated debts to pressure him to manipulate and dump his own shares for cash cannot be dismissed lightly.He could even be tempted to allow SRA International's spying apparatus to be used by the criminal 'private' sector if this is true.

Note that while even Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur
securities commissions have warned their citizens about Bellador Group's fraudulent boiler room activities our Securities Exchange Commission continues to do nothing.In fact the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission does much worse than nothing,they provide the unaudited penny stock shares that are the backbone of Bellador Group's illegal boiler room activities that defraud American and other stock investrors and are laundering money for someone(s).Maybe some SEC employees should resign or be investigated as well.(Do a google search of 'bellador group'.)

January 05, 2006 6:22 PM


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