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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Hot Topics For Discussion...

Okay - so here's the inside scoop on some of the things that are going on...

1) The Washington Post endorsed Roberts for Chief Justice. Yes, you read that right.

2) Best presentation at the World Congress: The study of 60,000 chinese workers exposed to silica whose conclusions now call into question NIOSH's classification of silica as a possible carcinogen.

3) The SBA's Office of Advocacy released it's twice-a-decade impact of regulation on small business study. Unsurprisingly, that impact (even adjusted for inflation) has gone up. And the study was peer-reviewed.

4) The EPA took the important step of waiving the Clean Air Act regs governing the sale of reformulated gasoline in order to substantially increase supplies in the wake of Katrina. Gas prices dropped appreciably almost immediately thereafter.

5) The pumpkin growing in my front yard grew by an order of magnitude while I was out of town. This is serious stuff.

6) Much in the same way that there was a link between NYC's ban on asbestos and the time it took the World Trade Center towers to collapse, there is a great deal of discussion right now of the role that environmental regs (and environmental group abuse of those regs) in creating and exacerbating the problems surrounding Katrina (levee collapses, fuel supplies and prices, etc).

7) The House is debating post-Kelo legislation. This is a good thing. They're also debating ESA reform. That's a good thing, too.

So, more to come. Thanks for your patience.

- Andrew Langer


Blogger Cajun Tiger said...

Let's not forget Operation Offset by the RSC.

September 27, 2005 2:20 AM


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